RV Winter Storage Preparation Tips from Trusted Indiana R.V. Dealers

The water system is most likely to suffer from the season’s freezing temperatures, so it’s important that you insulate your water pipes if using your camper in freezing conditions. You can purchase pipe insulation from your local hardware store. Once purchased, simply wrap every pipe you see with insulation. It’s easy to do, inexpensive, and prevents catastrophic damage from occurring in your pipes. If storing your RV for the winter, make sure to have it professionally winterized. All water lines should be free of all water and filled with anti-freeze. Don’t forget to winterize things like outside showers, water heaters, toilets, and ice makers.

What about after winter?

No matter the preparation, months of storage can still take its toll on some of your RV’s parts. Before you use it on your next big trip, make it a point to take it to the service department of reliable Indiana R.V dealers like Mount Comfort RV for some much needed servicing.