Shasta Airflyte Reissue: Indiana R.V. Dealers Welcome Back a Veteran

Shasta in July announced the comeback of the 1961 Airflyte trailer in celebration of the maker’s silver anniversary. A total of 1,941 units—an allusion to its birth year, 1941—will be made and sold at various dealers nationwide. Leading Indiana R.V. dealers such as Mount Comfort RV are taking orders.

Of course, the reissued model won’t be exactly like the original as Shasta is required to comply with Recreational Vehicle Industry Association standards. Having said that, the interior will stay true to the classic, with a checkerboard vinyl floor, wooden cabinets, and color coordinating upholstery. Some 21st-century additions include LED lighting, modern plumbing, and hidden speakers.–blog-shasta-airflyte-reissue-indiana-r-v-dealers-welcome-back-a-veteran